Our Story

Sierra E-Life is very passionate about e-bikes and our ability to provide simple solutions to complex problems in our communities. We believe that e-bikes are a great way to get out and get riding, providing endless miles of fun with your family and friends while also saving money on transportation.

Sierra E-Life, founded in 2022, is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor in the light electric vehicle industry. We design unique LEVs and partner with domestic and global fabricators to manufacture their individual components, sourcing directly with worldwide fabricators who are leaders in their field. Sierra E-Life has over 15 years of experience in the LEV industry.

Life Ev warehouse located in Deerfield, Florida.

Mission Statement

Sierra E-Life's mission is to manufacture innovative, high-quality, and unique patent-protected LEVs to establish them as the preferred means of transportation for recreation and short trips. Our products guarantee a fun, safe, and reliable experience while reducing transportation costs and your carbon footprint.

Vision Statement

At Sierra E-Life, we aim to lead the industry in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality electric vehicles and their components. We strive to transform the way people travel by creating innovative and reliable products that reduce carbon emissions and provide a fun and safe experience. Through our global partnerships and cutting-edge technology, we will continue to revolutionize the industry, offering a wide range of products that meet the needs of our customers, from e-bikes to e-delivery vehicles.



Sierra E-Life has partnered with the best manufacturers to bring you the most innovative & powerful electric bike batteries. Since the battery is the single most expensive component on an e-Bike to replace, Sierra E-Life batteries represent significant customer savings and added value.


Sierra E-Life has partnered with an all-star network of high-quality components that read like a “who’s-who” in the cycling industry. Among the more than 20 brands are SRAM, Promax, KMC, Avid, Gyes, Velo, Truvativ, Continental, and Kenda to name a few.


When it comes to price and value Sierra E-Life has no competition. Sierra E-Life has the best pricing in the industry. Even with the highest quality components, they are still the most affordable e-Bikes on the market and are superior to e-Bikes that retail for two, and three times as much. Sierra E-Life is arguably the most value-conscious, high-quality, stylish, e-Bike brands on the market today.


Team Sierra E-Life is passionate about providing the best quality, price, and service of any e-Bike brand in the industry, and proudly stands behind its products. Sierra E-Life offers a 1-year tire-to-tire non-prorated warranty and 100% in-stock replacement parts policy, providing timely service and repairs that make Sierra E-Life products easy to service and maintain.


We offer the highest quality batteries at the most affordable prices while assuring no counterfeit or refurbished parts are used in the production of Sierra E-Life e-Bikes.

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